Welcome to the Rinidom. Say hi to the monkeys.

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Hi. Welcome to the first ever blog post by Random Rini. If you’re
wondering why in the world I’m beginning a new blog when the
aforementioned world, its cousin, a maternal aunt twice removed, her
grandfather on an uncle’s side, and his monkey already have a blog, the
answer is: because I can. And you can’t do anything about it. Nyah,
nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah. (That’s easier to say than it is to type.)

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WHY should you read this blog? Well, partly because you already are. A
little bit more won’t hurt you. And I might get funnier (possibly,
maybe), and won’t you feel like a fool then, reading all this crap
without getting to the funny part? Also, the world could totally do
with another might-possibly-be-funny, GRAMMATICALLY CORRECT blog.

Nyah, nyah, nyah, nyah nyah!

So, the first thing about this blog: it’s going to be random. Why?
Because the mind is like a monkey, it jumps from thought to thought,
scratches its ass in full public view, begs for a peanut and then
happily settles for a louse off its next-door neighbour’s head when
denied the peanut.

I wants PEANUT! NOW!

Also because it’s the only thing I know. And flowers are yellow. And ‘Back
in the USSR’ is my favourite song (now). And ice-cream comes from
China. (Bet you didn’t know that.)

Thinking Monkee

So, welcome. Stick around. Shower some bhaav (= non creepy attention
and love). Leave a comment whenever you agree with me/ disagree with
me/ want to correct my grammar/ want your grammar corrected/ know a
really lame PJ you want to share with the world. Thank you! Come again.

Heppy Mawnkee!!!!

NOT a mawnkee.

I also love Doogoos! Case in point:

life imitates art
see more dog and puppy pictures


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